The Durabase System is a proven solution for conservatory bases – no mess, no hassle and only taking a fraction of the time to install – are just a few of its benefits. The Durabase System comprises of a bespoke steel base and modular wall, made to your exact specifications, thus ensuring it is a perfect fit for your conservatory – every time!

Durabase alleviates much of the hard work and most of the problems associated with the old style conservatory base construction, but still provides a safe, strong and firm foundation for your conservatory. Durabase arrives in kit form and is suitable for both professional and DIY construction. The only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction. The Durabase System is also very quick to install. An average base and wall can be installed in less than two days!

Durabase modular walls are faced with real brick tiles and mortar. We have a wide range of finishes that will help match your existing house brick. Manholes need not present an expensive obstruction. The base will naturally span the drain and access can be gained via a trap-door and removable floor joist, built in during fabrication.


What is Durabase?

Durabase systems will compliment your full range of conservatories, doors, windows and roofing systems including warm roof systems for Home Extensions. With training provided for installers and fitters, they wi ll find that this is a quick easy to build system with minimal fuss, and no need for additional trades.


Approval and Guarantee

Durabase Plus is fully approved with JHAI building control. With the products fitted according to clear instruction and terms and conditions, we offer a 25 year Guarantee on the product, giving you and the customer full confidence in the products.


Why Durabase?

With difficulty finding trades, the cost of waste disposal and everything in society getting quicker, customers want fast, efficient construction with minimum disruption to their lives. Durabase offers bespoke, offsite, steel framed modular foundation and wall systems, for easy handling, even in the narrowest of terrace house. It is a full kit, so everything supplied in one delivery, allowing your fitters toarrive on site, construct the complete unit in one easy to manage installation. Quicker for the customer and quicker for your fitter to move to the next job, increasing your capacity and turnover without increasing manpower.


More control over scheduling and build time

Durabase precision engineering, means that all products are delivered to site, having been constructed in the factory, arriving perfectly square and level. This means that you can order you’re base, windows, doors and roofing system, without the need to re survey following the base and wall construction. This leaves you in greater control of your schedule and less slippage and waiting around for deliveries.


Why is Durabase better than more traditional systems?

  • It’s quicker, easier, cleaner, cost effective and more straight forward to install than traditional building techniques. It’s also covered by the 25 year guarantee and is JHAI approved.
  • All parts are delivered to your site, so you can rest assured that your client has minimal disruptions that come with multiple deliveries.
  • Less mess than conventional methods meaning no major excavations or waste to be removed from the site
  • No skips, diggers or major construction materials and equipment needed.
  • Higher levels of thermal performance achieved (all UK specified U-Values achieved).
  • However tough your project, we can always overcome your obstacles through our engineering processes.
  • Any site, anywhere, it’s that simple. Durabase can be constructed on any land, large slopes or steps.
  • No specialist workmen or laborers are required • Offers solutions to on-site drainage issues.
  • A number of leading brand roofing systems can be fitted directly to the modular system, allowing you to create your own kit – making it as flexible a system as any.
  • One delivery directly to your site – everything you need for the building base and walls! Getting everything delivered to your site increases the speed of your construction, improving scheduled activities and overall productivity. Lead time of 3 weeks on all standard builds with less disruption from scheduling restrictions due to weather.
  • The Durabase System is compatible with a wide range of UPVC doors and windows as well as light weight roofing systems, allowing you to develop a complete modular build to suit you and your client.
  • Easy to handle components are made in sections that can be carried through property, minimising damage to client’s property and issues with small accesses to the rear.
  • The Durabase factory environment results in tighter control of materials with the use of CAD and automation allowing material usage to be optimised. Therefore, the production of elements can have much lower resource inputs and reduced waste outputs compared with on-site construction.
  • The substitution of traditional methods with onsite systems corresponds to a reduction in waste of between 20 and 40%.
  • So, what does this all mean for you? Well, Durabase leaves you in control resulting in you getting more done in less time! What’s more with a guarantee of 25 years you and your customers can be assured you are in the safe hands of a company that is proud of its work and reputation.



This is a steel foundation system, consisting of an outer ring beam and internal steel joists, made out of quality British steel, fabricated by our engineers to mm precision to meet your specification.


These are pressed galvanised modular units, that can be finished in a wide range of Bricks, Stone, Render ready or plain particle board for the finish of your choice, and all in manageable individual units.


Durabase Plus
160x80mm ring beam that has JHAI systems approval for single story home extensions.

Durabase Standard
80x80mm ring beam for your conservatories and buildings that don’t need building regs approval.

Durabase LT
For your garden rooms and offices.


Driven by a skills shortage, the construction industry is going through a tough time due to a lack of an experienced, younger workforce. This has had a real knock on effect industry wide with it becoming harder to employ skilled personnel especially for small, short-term projects like extensions. Durabase overcomes these issues as it can be installed without the need of a specialist, such as a bricklayer or carpenter.

Durabase Plus

Durabase Plus, is a 160 x 80 steel ring beam, designed specifically for home extensions and is the only steel modular base with JHAI systems approval. Durabase Plus bases meet building control requirements throughout the UK. The base has been designed for full height walls, pillars and glass where building regulations are required. The Durabase wall system is compatible with a wide variety of warm roof systems that are on the market today, and many that are also JHAI approved making the construction and building of any home extension quick simple and hassle free.

The Durabase walls can be finished in a range of different finishes, from real clay brick, (see the Durabase Brick Chart) XPM ready to render or cement particle board. You can also give your customer a range of finishes that you can supply. Durabase modular walls can also be interchanged for a SIP panel system. There are no limits with this product, if the site is uneven, awkward shaped or has private drains running across the site our engineers will provide solutions for even the most difficult site.

A great advantage to the Durabase modular range is that it comes in sections that can be physically handled and can be manoeuvred through tight gaps, gates, gardens or through a terrace house creating minimal disruption.

Durabase Plus

A. Brick Slip B. High Density Insulation Board C. Structural Ply Backing Panel
Holes are pre-cut to provide access for wiring and plumbing.
Galvanised steel frame provides astrong, lightweight construction.
18mm moisture resistant chipboard flooring system.
Screw mechanism to give maximum adjustable levels.
50mm under floor insulation.
Heavy duty steel frame.
Brick slip on cement partical board.
No need to move manhole or drains
The following U-Values can be obtained using the Durabase System
0.19W/m2k* Floors – 0.18W/m2k#
* Wall cavity must be insulated and foil backed plasterboard used.


Step 1

Choose the site for your extension. Durabase can be sited anywhere, even on a sloping site.

Step 2

Install the concrete pads as per the pad plan supplied. Note the lack of mess and disruption!

Step 3

Attach the steel to the house wall, build and level the base using the adjustable legs.

Step 1

Attach brick skirt and modular wall to steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.