Q. Why are our DIY conservatories such great value?

A.  We are an internet only business so our costs are kept to an absolute minimum. We have no huge advertising costs and no commissions to pay salesmen. Our buying power enables to source top quality materials at the keenest prices. All the savings are passed on to you – our customer.

Q. Are the conservatories easy to erect?

A. Providing that you have competent DIY skills and a helper with similar skills you should be able to assemble the conservatory in 2 – 3 days depending on its size.

Q. Can the position of the doors vary?

A. Yes, the doors can be on any side providing there is sufficient width, the door position needs to be conformed when ordering.

Q. Do you use safety glass?

A. Yes, all the glazed frames are supplied with double glazed sealed units to comply with BS6206A

Q. Can I have a glass roof?

A. Yes, 35mm polycarbonate roofing is supplied as standard, but we can provide a 24mm double glazed Solar Control, Self Cleaning glass roof at extra cost.

Q Can I have a Solid Tiled roof?

Yes we offer the Warmroof system for all round use of the room.

Q. Is the structure reinforced?

A. Yes, the roof structure aluminium is clad with PVCu. The side frames are reinforced with aluminium / galvanised steel.

Q. Do you sacrifice quality for price?

A. Definitely not. The product is exactly the same as sold by other conservatory companies at £££££££’s more and must not be confused with inferior DIY conservatories available elsewhere. We use only high quality materials which comply with British Standards and have been tested for wind, rain and snow loading.

Q. Can the sizes be modified?

A. Yes, most modifications can be accommodated.

Q. Can you supply other sizes?

A. Any size can be manufactured providing it falls within the manufacturing parameters set down by extrusion and roof design.

Q. Can you supply made to measure designs?

A. Yes, simply send us a sketch drawing of your design showing dimensions and if it is viable we will send you a CAD drawing and delivered price.

Q. Do you offer a guarantee?

A. Yes, the main structure of  our conservatories carry a ten year guarantee effective from the date of purchase and also covers discolouration of the PVCu.
The guarantee can be transferred to a new owner if you sell your home. As we sell only on a ‘supply and deliver’ basis we can accept no liability for any faults or failures in the basework or installation of the conservatory.